Frequently Asked Questions

Why aren’t all of the datasets showcased in all of the visualizations?  Why isn’t data available for all countries?
The availability of data, and the ability to compare similar types of data dictates the presentation on Media Map.  For example, for Map Data, we focused on datasets that were global (or almost global) and covered a number of years.  Data sets also use different numbers of countries as sample sizes, and are available for different years, so not all data is directly comparable.  Additionally, some datasets have significant gaps in the actual data collected.

Where can I go for more data on media and development?
This website provides an extensive list of datasets on media.  Of those, whichever are publicly available, are also available for download on our website.  Though we showcase some development datasets for the purpose of graphical illustration and comparison, we do not provide all datasets on development and governance.  For access to those, please refer to the websites of the data you are interested in.

Where can I find more research on these topics?
See Research for current and forthcoming research as part of the Media Map Project.  For other important literature, see Review of Literature on Quantitative Data (matrix), Sanjukta Roy

Where can I post my own research based on this website?
Please let us know what you are doing:  We love linking to and featuring other work in similar areas.  As the website and community grow and develop, we will find additional ways to share work, exchange, and collaborate.

How can I make suggestions for further areas of research?
We love feedback! Send thoughts and suggestions to

How can I receive updates about Media Map?
Check out our Blog and Events pages for updates about what we are doing.

Where else can I go to find related research and data visualizations?
Here are just some of many excellent resources (we will continue to add links, so check back, and send us the ones you like):
A History of Poverty – representation of poverty over time around the world
African Farm Radio Research Initiative – a research project assessing the effectiveness of farm radio on meeting the food security objectives of rural farming households in Africa
Apps for Development – winners from the World Bank’s competition
Audiencescapes – data and analysis on communication, media use and ICT access trends
Chart Porn – collection of beautiful charts, graphs, maps, and interactive data visualization tools, on topics from around the world.
Edward Tufte – resource on data visualization and graphic design
Gapminder – Wealth and Health of Nations, development data, and visualization
Google Data Explorer – makes large datasets easy to explore, visualize and communicate
Happy Planet Index – reveals the ecological efficiency with which human well-being is delivered
Latinobarometro - interactive map of public opinion in Latin America
The Arab Powder Keg – animated map of protests in the Middle East as they spread from country to country, from
Many Eyes – make visualizations with any data
Mapping Global Media Policy – an evolving database on global media policy, conceived as a resource for the development of visual maps and scientific analysis – debates around media transformation
Relief Web  – in-depth profiles, updates and reports on countries and disasters.
Strange Maps – visualization of where news breaks in the U.S.

UNESCO: UNESCO Culture and Communication, Ratio of private to public radio & TV institutions
GII: Global Integrity Index, Civil Society, Public Information and Media
CFC: Cash for Media Coverage
FH: Freedom House Freedom of the Press Index
RSF: Reporters Without Borders World Press Freedom Index
ICT: ICT Development Index
MSI: Media Sustainability Index
CIRI: Cingranelli-Richards Human Rights Data (Freedom of Speech and Press)
WON: Wealth of Nations, Information Exchange sub-score
WDI: World Development Indicators (World Bank), internet users per 100
OECD: Official Development Assistance for Communications in Millions of Dollars

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