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Chart the Numbers: How it Works

Need a hand with this chart? Go right to some tutorials here.

Or try this test visualization: choose a primary dataset from the left tab and it will load onto the X (horizontal) axis.  The selected data set can be compared to GDP; Gender Empowerment Measure; or School Life Expectancy, Female on the Y (vertical) axis by clicking on the Y axis label.  You can also load one of the primary datasets on the Y axis and watch it evolve longitudinally by selecting Time on the X axis.  Then select a dataset to determine the size of the bubbles (or keep them all the same size). 

Give the bubbles unique colors, make them all the same, or color them according to the economic region they belong to.  By clicking the play arrow, you can track how these relationships change over time. The scatterplot selects all countries by default.  Use the country selector to label the countries you’re most interested in, and select Trails to display their paths over time.

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