About the Media Map Project

Senior Advisor:

Daniel Kaufmann, Brookings Institution

Advisory Board:

Akin Jimoh Devcoms Network

Becky Lentz Department of Art History and Communication Studies, McGill University

Bella Mody Journalism and Mass Communication, University of Colorado

Bettina Peters Global Forum for Media Development

Bruce Girard Fundación Comunica

Ethan Zuckerman Berkman Center for Internet & Society, Harvard University

Fackson Banda UNESCO

Gordana Jankovic Open Society Institute

James Deane BBC World Service Trust

Leon Morse Media Development Division, IREX

Mark Koenig USAID

Meg Gaydosik USAID

Monroe Price Center for Global Communications Studies, Annenberg School for Communication, University of Pennsylvania

Rana Sabbagh Arab Reporters for Investigative Journalism

Roby Alampay InterAksyon.com, TV5

Sasa Vucinic V Media Ventures

Tasneem Ahmar Uks Media

Tatiana Repkova Media Managers Club

Ying Chan University of Hong Kong, Journalism and Media Studies Center

The Media Map Project is a multifaceted two-year pilot research collaboration between Internews and The World Bank Institute, funded by the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation.  Media Map is envisioned as a central long-term research contribution of the Internews Center for Innovation and Learning.  The Media Map Project draws together what we know and precisely defines what we do not know about the relationships between the media sector and economic development and governance.  This website makes publicly accessible extensive quantitative data on the media sector for exploration and analysis.  The research also examines donors’ roles in supporting the media sector over time and provides an evidence base for their future decision-making about media support.

Through research, public events, and the data made available on this site for public use and extended research, the project aims to engage the development sector in greater understanding and exploration of the role of media and information in development.  In the next phase, Media Map will continue to provide data on the media sector, and will also focus on understanding and measuring people’s information needs in changing environments.

The Media Map Project would not be possible without the support of numerous partners in the academic, development, and media sectors.

Media Map Project Team members:
Mark Nelson, World Bank Institute
Tara Susman-Peña, Internews
Sanjukta Roy, Internews and World Bank Institute
Sankalpa Dashrath, Internews

Project Leaders:


Australian Broadcasting Corporation
Additional support for Cambodia case study

Research Partner:
The Centre for Governance and Human Rights, University of Cambridge

Special thanks to our sponsors, advisory board, partners, and consultants; additional thanks to others who provided exceptionally valuable support; from Internews: Persephone Miel (in memoriam), Marjorie Rouse, Susan Abbott, Mark Frohardt, Nabamita Dutta, Pat Chadwick, Sue Folger, Oleg Khomenok; from Columbia University: Anya Schiffrin, Chris Weiss; Media Map interns: Luisa Ryan, Alexa Hubbard, Andrew Colford, Patrick Burgwinkle, Anna Wiand; Mary Myers, independent communications consultant; from WPP: Andy Brown; from Group M, Adam Smith; from Balancing Act: Russell Southwood; from the World Bank: Eric Chinje, Craig Hammer; from Wealth of Nations Index: Crocker Snow, Nicholas Sullivan; from Pryvatna Gazeta: Serhiy Kulyasov; from University of Oregon, Gabriela Martinez; from Université Libre de Bruxelles, Marie-Soleil Frere; from OECD DAC GOVNET: Lisa Williams: from the Broadcasting Board of Governors, Leah Ermarth; from ABC: Domenic Friguglietti; from University of Cambridge, Sharath Srinivasan; from Jefferson Institute: Aaron Presnall and Nikola Kartelija, and all of our case study researchers and in-country contacts.

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