The Media Map Project invites you to participate in the Media Map Challenge.

The object of the Media Map Challenge is for participants to visualize one or more of the raw datasets made available for download on the Media Map website ( to compellingly illustrate a story about media in an original way.

Participants are welcome to use any of the forms of visualization found on the Media Map website (global map, scatterplot, and bar chart), and are also encouraged to use other ways to visualize their chosen data, including through free web visualization programs (such as Many Eyes, Swivel, Google Data Explorer), or by creating an original static or moving design.  Original drawings, photographs, or short animations or videos (to a maximum of 5 minutes) are also welcome.  At least one dataset made available on the Media Map website must be used.  Additional datasets from the Media Map website or other sources may also be used to explore relationships between media and development.

Submissions should be sent to by midnight EST on August 30, 2011.  Submissions should include the visualization with the file labeled Last name_First initial_Name of visualization, a CV, and a short description of the visualization including the dataset(s) used, an explanation of the visualization, and any relevant statistical or technical details (explanation no more than 1 page, 12pt font).  One entry per person allowed.  Employees of Internews, The World Bank Institute, and the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation are ineligible to participate.

Winners will be chosen by the Media Map project team for their clarity, thoughtfulness, and compelling use of data to tell a story about media around the world. The winner will be announced before October 31, 2011, and will receive a $1,000 prize.  The winning visualization will be featured on the Media Map website.

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