Just published: a welcome new contribution to the cause of measuring media and its impact on development.  The volume of scholarly papers, Measuring Press Freedom and Media Contributions to Development: Evaluating the Evaluators, was edited by Monroe Price, Susan Abbott and Libby Morgan. The book is described as “bringing together a variety of viewpoints and perspectives on evaluating media assistance, Measures of Press Freedom and Media Contributions to Development offers a critical reflection on the theories and tools of measurements that are used by the academic, donor, and civil society communities.”  The book promises to significantly advance current thinking on how best to measure media and its impacts.

For a shorter, more policy-focused take on the volume, look at John Burgess’ report for The Center for International Media Assistance based on this book called Evaluating the Evaluators: Media Freedom Indexes and What they Measure.

Tara Susman-Peña is Director of Research, The Media Map Project

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