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Countries are colored according to their Voice and Accountability (2010) score from the Worldwide Governance Indicators to show relative level of freedom of media, expression, and association.

Choose a country for a snapshot of key media indicators. Darker shades of blue mean better scores. A green dot means a score in the top third, yellow means the middle third, red means the bottom third.
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The Media Map Project
The Media Map Project invites you to explore, interact with, and analyze data on media and development.  From Freedom of the Press to GDP, the Media Map Project brings together comparable data that shed light on how measures of media, technology, and communication intersect with traditional development statistics.  Take it a step further and download all the datasets for independent research.

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Selected datasets with the most comprehensive coverage of countries over time showcased on a world map
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Bar charts for datasets that ask important questions and cover a limited time period
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Scatterplot representation of datasets that include a long timeline and limited number of countries
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Our Partners
The Media Map Project is a multi-faceted research collaboration between Internews and The World Bank Institute.  With funding from the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, the project aims to better understand the interrelations between media development and outcomes in governance and economic development.

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